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The Exceptional Greatness of Cooti

Cooti is down with the bitches & the hos

Cooti's Community Emporium
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Welcome and fuck you! While this is a linient community, there are 7 significant rules.

Aformentioned Rules
1. All posts must pertain to Cooti. Even if "Cooti rules" is written at the bottom and that's all.
2. Remember this is a cult, but you can't know that!
3. Anything goes here, including personal attacks.
4. Swear all you want. In fact, you'll be kicked out if you don't.
5. Whoever is the first to join wil probably end up being the only member ever. So let's get accquainted before you decide to leave.
6. Gays allowed, but no queer behavior.
7. Do not listen to the 'You may leave the community at any time' link at the top of the user info page. You may not 'leave at any time'. That isn't how cults work.